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How is STEMinists making a difference?

Historically, the professional fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math have been dominated by affluent white men, many of which actively worked to keep women out of STEM fields. In the past centuries, determined women have forged their way in STEM. Women have studied, inspired and made revolutionary improvements in their respective fields. However, STEM fields are still often dominated by men.

While around 40% of degrees in social sciences are earned by women, only a quarter are earned by women in mathematical sciences. These numbers carry over to the proportions of women in STEM jobs. Male dominated fields tend to be much higher paying as well. The median salary in 2019 for workers holding the highest degree in their field was $105,000 for computer scientists and $100,000 for engineers, male dominated fields. Among female-heavy fields, the median salary was $74,000 for psychologists and $64,000 for biological, agricultural and environmental scientists (Seneviratne, 2022, para. 7).

STEMinists is committed to empowering women of all ages, of every background, and at any stage of their career. We are connecting women across the globe, and within our network, women are strengthening each other. The most valuable aspect of STEMinists is the web of opportunities it brings to members free of charge. Members can attend inspirational speaker events from women in STEM, meet and work with women who share their interests through STEMinists, chat in member forums, and be spotlighted. Through supporting all women in STEM, we will decrease unequal distribution of women in the workforce and wages of female dominated fields. Moreover, we are actively working on creating mentorship opportunities for our members. Every month, we also plan to spotlight a member of our organization and they are invited to share their journey in STEM. This platform is completely free of cost as we hope to make it accessible to women across the globe.



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